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Linux Certification

Linux Training Certification Certification training
Who trained for a period of training of not less than 90 percent of the course will receive certification training. Institute of the courses have received good training course at a training issue, such as Linux System Administration, Linux Networking Workshop and Linux Shell Programming will receive a total of 3 sets.
Linux Certification

Passing Linux Certified
Opinion of those who pass the test

Certification testing capabilities Linux
For those who attend the training course, and Linux System Administration Linux Networking Workshop. Will need to be tested Knowledge and ability to use the Linux operating system
on the last day of training using a test period of approximately 3.5 hours.
The test section is divided into 4 parts.
1. Test theoretical knowledge and general skills (Basic Knowledge and Skills)
A test by test (multiple choices) of not less than 50 items score of 100 points an hour testing period. Each question is assigned a weight score of the three different levels according to the ability of students applied.
2. Test analysis and problem solving (Problem Solving and Trouble Shooting)
A practical test to find the bug (Diagnostic) of the Linux operating system. And to resolve the problem within the specified period not exceeding 30 minutes, the test results in this section are 2 status is Passed or Failed.
3. Test Management and Maintenance System (System Administration and Maintainance)
A practical test in the management and maintenance of general. This is our daily mission as an administrator user account management and backup. Adding storage systems, etc. This test has four missions total period not exceeding 30 minutes in this test score is 100 points.
4. Testing services, configuration tasks (Network Applications Configuration)
A practical test to measure the ability to configure the Apple software applications such as services. Linux servers on the network, such as setting up e-mail systems website file server, etc. This test has four missions total period not more than 1.5 hours of tests in this section has score 100 points.

Those who pass the test ... will receive a certificate of accreditation from the Institute
For those who pass the test will receive a special prize Polo "The Ace" is reserved for only those who pass

Who failed the test on any topic ... can prepare and notify their intention to get tested again Free of charge.

This test is innovative, if designed to measure the quality of training and to prepare you before the exam Certified on Linux, such as LPIC-1, LPIC-2, RHCE, etc. The exam results of their examination. The school failed to keep a secret.

 Who passed the Linux Certified:   opinions of those who pass the test

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